Cam girls can be naughty, right? What are the rules of webcam modeling behavior?

So many minds, so many men. Others will wait for a mistress costume to get hard unless you do boring wanking on naked curves. What can you do to please your customers? I can’t please everybody, darling. For the best results, remember these tips for webcam sex on
• No matter what, you should be horny. You’ll catch the sex vibe anyway if you pretend to be.
• Keep your group chat neutral. Be naughty if you must. Fulfill your customers’ requests. Virgins rarely watch shows. You should watch your orders and simply follow the wishes of your audience; even BDSM plays aren’t for everyone. Give them some fire if they’re okay with it!
• Do not discuss fetish things in public. Inviting someone to enjoy this show one-on-one will make him satisfied.
Customers who bother webcam models and how they should respond
When your webcam, you’ll meet some real jerks. You can’t avoid it. You should never forget that they have several reasons to be assholes. Whether it’s a bad day at work, the breakup of a girlfriend, or depressing debts, there is no excuse but “jerk nature.”. Your problems are not their problems. It’s your job to create amusement.

As an alternative, when someone writes you “hey, call your mom” because they want to fuck her, a smile on camera and say “I’ll make you explode myself.” or ask what he’s going to do with you two. To deal with a bastard in chat, you need to follow these tips:
• Don’t play by his rules and don’t behave rudely like him.
• Respond in a flirtatious manner. All the time.
• Make nice jokes.
• Don’t engage in conflict.
• Don’t forget what other viewers are watching.
• Try not to take anything rude personally.
As a webcam model, here are some tips to increase your income
Is streaming on cam the only way to increase your income by x10 when there are so many more ways? Learn how to make money on cam using these tips. What other options are there?
Selling nudes
Most cam girls don’t realize this is possible, so they never take advantage of it. Your iPhone is filled with dozens of photos you take daily, and all of them are just sitting there, gathering dust. Get rid of them! The final sum is not the same as the amount you can make per day. Creating more content can boost your profits. Most webcam sites will have this option on their own, which means you can make money right there. The options are endless, darling.

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